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The ASEF is a U.S. public charity, based in San Francisco, CA, meeting the requirements of Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). US-based donations should be fully tax-deductible on your federal return.

ASEF is The American Slovenian Education Foundation that supports a broadly diverse community of highly talented, prospective students to build a community of educators and leaders of excellence, character and service.

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Sponsorship Levels

Honorary Donors

The ASEF's impact would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and grantors. With gratitude and thanksgiving, we list the benefactors to the ASEF. These friends have helped us sustain the vision and mission since our beginning in 2014.

Thank you for your continued generosity. Your partnership helps our students, researchers, teachers and scientists to build a better society through educating Slovenians and Americans and building bridges across the two great countries.

This list is comprised of those who have made contributions or grants to advance the work of ASEF and indicates cumulative lifetime giving through June 2016.
Benefactor - $100,000
  • Thomas J. and Carol S. Brandi
Platinum donors - $25,000
  • Atlas foundation and Ribnikar Fund
  • Jure Leskovec
  • Santa Clara University and Santa Clara Jesuit Community
Gold donors - $10,000
  • Ronald Artac'
  • Stanford University

Silver donors - $5,000
  • American Mutual Life Association
  • Fuisz Pharma LLC
  • Mia and France Rode
  • KSKJ Life
Bronze donors - $2,500
  • Gary Bukovnik
  • Comcom Idrija
  • Zvonko and Draga Fazarinc
  • Sofitel San Francisco Bay
  • Rich and Ginny Haughney
  • Anthony S. Ravnik
  • Urad Vlade RS za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu
  • Bojana Fazarinc and Mark Morgenthaler
  • Karl M. Ocepek (with an Exelon Corporation matching fund)
  • Igor Benko and Jasna Jurjovec
Plaque donors - $1,000
  • Katarina Bajuk
  • Bach Consort
  • Joseph F. and Margaret Govednik
  • Alexis Hocevar
  • Jim and Connie Lyons
  • Dennis J. McShane and Richard S. Gordon
  • Joseph A and Marjeta Novak
  • Suzana Ograjenšek
  • Nadine Prah
  • Slowind
  • Slovenian American Times
  • Slovenian Progressive Home
  • Slovenian Union of America
  • Studio Siposh, David Sipoš
  • Jacqui and Blair Stewart
  • Margaret A. Taylor
  • Lucky and Audrey Vidmar
Other donors
Anonymous donor, Aubrey Ardema, Jože Antolin, Stane Antolin, Jernej Barbič, Andrej Drejči Bevec, Ana Bračič, Dennis E. and Diane Brahney, DJ Culkar, Matej Drev, Ivo Dodič, Anna Eshoo, Beti Franca, Emil Gaspari, Christine Gorjanc and Family, Alice Gosak Gary, Philip and Mary Grasser, Robert and Jerry Hopkins, John and Lisa Hutar, Rudy Ivancic, Ferdo Ivanek, Željko Ivanek, Dorothy Jerneycic, Tom and Katy Kelly, Arnold and Jean Koci, Kenneth and Teresa Koci, Kotar Industries,Thomas and Gaither Kyhos, Sean Mahon, Tom Martin, Lisa Mammel, Anton and Martina Mavretic, Molly McDonald, Frederick Mlakar, Ana Mihelich, Petra Mitchell, National Realty Development Corporation, B. Matija Peterlin, B. Lee Peterlin, Frank and Jozi Plut, Tony Pogorelc, Andrej Košmrlj, Branko and Sylvia Pisorn, Barbara Palmer, Nevio Prosen, Gregory Sadlek, Nadja Skale, Slovene National Benefit Society, Virginia Snyder, Gojko Stare, Bart State and Angela Percic, Boris Music and Hansa Brewery, Peter F. Orazem and Patricia M. Cotter, Mario L. Starc and Helena M Pechaver Starc, John Ravnik, M. Rihtar, Tom Srsen and Sheliga Drug, Inc., Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc., Slovenian Museum and Archives, Steven and Rebekah Saum Boyd, Christopher Shobar, Nina Troha, Mary Lou Vidergar and Frank M Videgar and Lisa V Lucas, Valentin Ribic, Mary Ann Vogel, Patrick Wolfe, Johnny and Angie Young.
Donors In Memory of dr. France Rode
Kristina Arko, Dennis E. and Diane Brahney, Victor and Annabelle Der, Educational and Dramatic Club Slovenia, Zvonko and Draga Fazarinc, Dorothy and Bradley J. Flynn, Alice Gosak Gary and Norman Gary, Diane and Andy Gremett, John M. and Lisa A. Hutar, Rex R. Inglis, Ferdo Ivanek, Arnold J. and Jean J. Koci, Jeremiah D and Mary P Lehane, Jure Leskovec, Anastassios P. and Maya Margaronis, Mark Morgenthaler, Frank and Jozica Plut, Anthony Ravnik, Robert Shaw and Maureen McLaughlin, Slovenian Progressive Home, Louis and Maria Stalcar, Donna L. Whitney, Eugenie M. Watson, Security Benefit Life Ins. Co.

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