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ASEF Fellowship Program 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the important dates?

Call for applications opens on February 16 2016.
Applications are due March 31 2016.
We anticipate making final decisions by May 15 2016.

Q: When will the visit take place?

The exact time of the visit is flexible and will be discussed with the particular research group and the professor. Roughly, the visit takes place sometime during the summer (June to September).

Q: Do students need visas?

No visa is necessary. Students can enter USA on a visa waiver program (do not forget to fill out the ESTA form). However, students need to get health insurance. For example, Coris or Vzajemna.

Q: What is the fellowship amount?

The fellowships will cover all the expenses: airfare, housing, and students will also receive allowance for daily living expenses.

Q: What is the review procedure?

In addition to considering the research plan and recommendations presented in each application, the Scientific Advisory Committee must give weight to the many intangibles involved, including interpretation of the Foundation's objectives. The Committee ranks the candidates and the Board of Directors then votes to approve the fellowship awards, in order of priority, up to the availability of funds.

Q: What are student’s obligations to ASEF?

Annual ASEF Gala is held in February of each year in San Francisco. This meeting is an important component of the Fellowship Program because of the opportunity it provides the Fellows for scientific interchange and exposure. Attendance at the meeting in its entirety is expected as a condition of acceptance of the fellowship. The Foundation will engage Fellows to participate at the ASEF promotional activities and recruitment of new fellows.

Q: Who were past ASEF fellows?

Feel free to reach out to them directly and ask them about their experiences.