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ASEF Fellowship Program 2016

The American Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF) fellowship program provides student financial support, allowing fellows to focus on their research. Fellowships build lasting relationships between ASEF and academic institutions. The purpose of the fellowship is to strengthen research and study exchange between Slovenia and the US with the objective of giving talented Slovenian students the ability to realize their potential to the fullest.

About the ASEF fellowship

The ASEF fellowship provides funding (travel, housing, and living expenses) for a 10 week summer research visit to a U.S. university or research institution in the area of applicant’s field of study/expertise.


Applications are open to full time Slovenian students enrolled in a higher education institution. Applications are open to Slovenian as well as Slovenian American students. A typical applicant is a senior undergraduate, masters, or junior PhD student.

Participating institutions

The fellowship provides funding for a 10 week summer research visit to the following research groups:

How to apply

Applications should include:

All documents (except reference letters) should be submitted by the candidates in the PDF format via the application page.

Letters of reference should be submitted by the reference letter writer at the reference application page.

The deadline for submitting all the documents is 31 March 2016.

If you have questions about the program or the application process, please contact ASEF at info@ase-fund.org.