Junior Fellows 2015

Meet Junior Fellows - Research Abroad

Aljaž Gaber

Aljaž Gaber is a PhD student of biochemistry at University of Ljubljana where he also works as an assistant, supervising young to-be biochemists during their lab courses. During his undergraduate study at the same university, Aljaž was also an active student representative. He spent his summer of 2015 with prof. Andrej Sali at UCSF, applying their state of the art computational structural biology algorithms to tackle self-assembly of a tumor marker Aljaž is researching as a part of his PhD. The idea behind this is to better understand how our organisms work on a molecular scale, which would enable us to better understand diseases and develop novel treatment strategies.

As a graduate student, Aljaž's life at this point mostly revolves around becoming a perspective young scientist, which means there is not too much time for pursuing other interests. Still, he will never say no to an invitation for a drink to catch up or to have an interesting discussion.

Andraz Hribernik

Andraz graduated from Computer Science and then joined London based start up Cytora as one of the first 5 engineering hires. He spent summer 2015 visiting prof. Jure Leskovec at Stanford University. The summer research project was about finding duplicates and anomalies in a huge collection of news articles. In his free time he likes to do various of different sports (skiing, climbing, kite surfing, etc), explore street food markets and visit different countries.

Filip Kozarski

Filip Kozarski finished his BSc of math and physics in Ljubljana and is currently pursuring a MSc degree in Theoretical and mathematical physics in Munich. He visited Prof Uros Seljak at the department of Cosmology, Berkeley, in the late summer of 2015. Filip's hobbies and things not being paid for include playing soccer in the team of Slovenians in Munich, and thinking or joking about life, physics and all other everyday stuff in between. All with the help of Kindle and YouTube. Filips is a human of habits. On the picture (right) together with Volt (left), the best dog ever.

Peter Us

Peter Us finished his BSc of Computer and Information Science at University of Ljubljana and is currently pursuing a MSc degree in Computer and Information Science at the same university. In the summer of 2015, Peter visited the laboratory of prof. Dawn Song, at University of Berkeley. There, Peter was working on projects from the field of cutting edge web technologies. In the summer of 2016, Peter started working as an data science intern at Evolven - an IT Operations analytics company.

In his free time, Peter likes to learn more about various fields of computer science such as machine learning, functional programing and new web development technologies. When he is not preoccupied with the things already mentioned, he could be playing basketball, watching series or exploring the world around him.

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