American Slovenian Education Foundation

The American Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF) fellowship programs provide student financial and other support, allowing fellows to focus on their research. Fellowships build lasting relationships between ASEF and academic institutions. The purpose of fellowships is to strengthen research and study exchange between Slovenia and other countries with the objective of giving talented Slovenian students and students of Slovenian heritage the ability to realize their potential to the fullest.
  • ASEF Junior Fellows - research abroad is a three-year program, which gives students the opportunity to do a 10-week research visit at a university or a research institution in the area of their field of study/expertise. ASEF Junior Fellows deeply engage in activities organized by ASEF Society of Fellows, including research projects and collaborations with other Fellows, leadership and career development workshops, and attend regular public lectures and other events organized by ASEF.
  • ASEF Junior Fellows - visiting Slovenia is a one-year program, which gives students of Slovenian heritage the opportunity to visit Slovenia and do a 10-week summer visit at a Slovenian university, research institution or a company in the area of applicant’s field of study/expertise.